Raydel Shanks Photography is headed by the nationally recognized photographer Raydel Shanks. Raydel has tremendous passion for the evocative power of the photographic image. Her work has been featured on some of the pages of the most well noted design and art sites: Decor8, Urban Outfitters, and Core 77 just to name a few.
Perhaps the most interesting part of the story is how she became such a noted photographer: It was just two summers ago she first decided to start shooting. Three short months after first picking up her camera she took part in her first art exhibition and photographed her first wedding. In no short time her abilities were best desribed by one of her first clients:

“Raydel is a talented and passionate photographer.  My husband and I have the most beautiful pictures of our special day.  And more than that: She set me at ease when I was feeling nervous,  and made me laugh at all the right moments.  I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help us remember our wedding day for the rest of our lives!”