“I felt completely for this beautiful, soft vintage-looking photograph. Obviously, the china doe’s eyes melt my heart. But what really caught me on that photo taken by Raydel Shanks (a Florida-based artist) is the lovely retro patina that gives a very special, intimate touch to the photo, as if we were unfolding someone’s cherished possessions. This still-life photo is called ‘Mirror‘ – I love the idea of the delicate doe figurine seating on a raw, industrial piece of metal reflecting her flimsy silhouette. Dashing.”

~ Rose La Biche~

“….  soft vintage-like photographs with a lovely patina. Each photo seems to hold special meaning, almost as if the corners of someone’s home and special collections inside are unfolding before our very eyes, revealing cherished possessions…There’s a quiet beauty about her work, deep and dreamy, it really appeals to me.”

~Holly Becker from Decor8~